Internet Craps – Mastering the Basics of the Online Game

We all know the image of the high-roller. Poised expertly at the end of the craps table, die in hand and helped along with a blow for luck from an adoring fan; with a flick from that knowing wrist, the squares tumble to the end, and the outcome: exactly what was foreseen.
Through the erupting crowd, the high-roller then exits, the famous table receding behind and all who surround it turned to watch the departure. Each head filled with wonder and fascination at the mysterious stranger heading from glory to untold winnings.
The high-roller, there to win, there to play casino craps, there to risk all to the beauty, mystery and uncertainty of the game.
Internet craps may not hold the same glory, adoration and atmosphere for the high-roller, but the science and complexity of this, a purely chance-based game, is the same. And so is the rush of winning.
With the ease of a mouse stroke and the instant of a click, you choose the bet you want to make. Each bet has its own area on a virtual craps table and pointing and clicking on the desired square, will activate that bet.
Once you’ve made your bet, click the ‘roll’ button and take your first step toward possibly becoming a high-roller in your own right.
Basic internet craps follows much of the same rules and principles as regular craps, but all with the option to change your playing style and with an array of selections at your fingertips, and all in the comfort of our own home. A far cry from the chaos and distraction of what it means to Play Casino craps, and a perfect platform to build your gaming strategy.
Most players are introduced to the Pass Line Bet as their first foray into the world of craps, and, in fact, never progress to more complicated areas of the game, as the Pass Line bet showcases exactly the basic nature and experience of what it means to play this age-old gaming and casino stalwart.
Here’s how to play:
The first roll in any game is called the Come Out roll and with the Pass Line bet, there are a number of ways you can win with your Come Out roll.
Firstly, rolling a natural wins you the game every time. A natural number in craps is 7 or 11 and if you roll either, watch the credits in your virtual bank roll up.
Second, the dreaded craps roll will, in turn, lose you the game. Craps numbers 2, 3 and 12 are the ones to steer clear of.
Thirdly are Your Point numbers. These numbers, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 are your cue to roll again; to give it another shot. If you roll Your Point again with a number before 7, the game is yours, but roll a 7 before Your Point and watch your winnings dwindle.
Internet craps may not have the admiring crowds, the cool synthetic air or the slot machine jingle-and-light din that plays as a constant casino soundtrack, but is, nonetheless, a great way to get the most out of craps in a strictly non-gaming environment.
In the privacy of your own home, you can become a high roller too, and, with enough practice online and mastery of the basics, the next time you play casino craps, all heads may be turned your way as you flex your knowing wrist, and send the die rolling toward the glory and riches therein.

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